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Paleta/ Ice Pop Demolder
Paleta/ Ice Pop Demolder

Paleta/ Ice Pop Demolder

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An indispensable complement to your ice pop production, the Emerymark Demolder makes the demolding process simple and efficient. The vat is filled with water and is maintained at a consistent temperature for a fast and smooth demolding experience. A countertop option is available for smaller spaces.
This increases the speed of production by allowing the user to quickly take paletas/pops out of the mold in a streamlined fashion which saves on labor and water costs for store owners.


Floor Model or Countertop Model

Consistent temperature saves time & improves product quality

Made of food grade stainless steel

Easy operation


Demolder Spec Sheet

Demolder Spec Sheet - Spanish

Width 20.5"
Depth 30.8"
Height 41.5"
Weight 83.7lbs

Power 2.2hp
Consumption 2.1KW
Fuse 20A
Power cord 14 AWG
Voltage 110 VAC

Demolder Spec Sheet

Demolding Spanish spec sheet


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