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Why make Gelato?

Gelato in Italian means "frozen" however it is typically used to describe an Italian type of ice cream known for its creamy texture and intense flavor.  

Gelato is a popular and unique product. It is healthier while also being richer than American ice cream. Although gelato is only 4%- 9% butterfat, compared to American ice cream 14% - 16%. The gelato has a more creamy texture due to the lower amount of overrun or air inclusion. This is why gelato is served with such a small spoon. There is such a concentration of flavor it is to be enjoyed little by little. 
Gelato is lower in both fat and calories compared to traditional American ice cream. Gelato is made using fresh ingredients and therefore has a higher amount of protein, and essential vitamins both needed daily in the human diet. 

We at Emerymark have worked very hard to develop a machine to quickly produce gelato in the consistency expected by your customers.  The EM10 our compact batch freezer makes 10 Liter batches and is ideal for small scale ice cream production. It has a touchscreen display for easy operation. You can adjust the ice cream hardness and the beater speed, which allows for the production of a variety of frozen dessert products. The product is easy to extract and leaves minimal residue inside. The blades of our beaters have a unique helical design, which prolongs the life of both the beater and of the freezing cylinder.