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As a global leader in residential and commercial appliances, Electrolux is proud to offer the KELVINATOR® COMMERCIAL brand of food service equipment. Drawing on over 10 years of industry experience and our European heritage of building quality appliances, Kelvinator® Commercial is offering a broad selection of food service products.

QUALITY Constant quality controls during the production phases and 100% quality checks at the end of the production line

EFFICIENCY & SUSTAINABILITY High-efficiency components, environmental-friendly gases (R290 and R600a) to reduce the global warming potential (GWP)

ROBUSTNESS Low maintenance, long-lasting, high-quality stainless steel engineering

WIDE RANGE A wider and more flexible range to satisfy every application and customer’s needs.

HERITAGE For over 80 years Kelvinator Commercial has been supplying professional, commercial and home appliances. Our proven expertise has earned us an unparalleled reputation for quality, and tremendous customer loyalty

Please call or email for pricing. Prices change too quickly to keep listed. We will always be $200-$300  more than the online box stores. Provide your delivery address when contacting. Credit Card transactions require 2.5 percent fee. All quotes will include shipping and Liftgate delivery.

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