Machines ship after payment is fully cleared not before. Though the cost of shipping will vary depending on the location of your business, we assure you that our shipper has a wealth of experience in giving our customers the best carrier for the best price.

We recommend that the shipping address you give us be based in a commercial area rather than a residential property because it will help you save money. Also, depending on the carrier, lift gate for delivery may be an additional charge.

We do not inflate shipping charges you pay what we pay so that you save money. You are always welcome to arrange your own shipping however you will need to prove you have full insurance on the unit before it is released.

Follow the steps below carefully to correctly accept the shipment of your machine. Instrucciones en español en la página 2.


Following these steps ensures the protection of your machine as well as the warranty and allows us to file an insurance claim with the transportation company if necessary.

  1. Have someone record the process if possible. Start recording as soon as the

the driver opens the truck door and record until the crated machine(s) has been completely inspected.

  1. If the box or crate is on its side (if the pallet is not on the ground) do not accept the Contact your ICES representative immediately.
  1. The truck driver delivers the crate to your door. You are responsible for moving the machine indoors. The driver will ask you to sign the bill of lading (BOL). You do not need to sign until the crated machine(s) has beeninspected and you are If any problems or defects are noted, obtain as much evidence as possible(photos, videos) of the damage and document it on the BOL.


Watch uncrating instructions up to minute 4:16 in this video:


  1. Even if you do not see any damage to the exterior crate, it is necessary to unpack the machine once it isinside your Hidden damage (damage to the machine that occurred even though the crate was intact) must be reported within 48 hours of receiving the equipment in order to file an insurance claim. You will need tools and 1-2 additional people to help you with the unpacking process.


  1. Pry bar or two hammers
  2. Phillips screwdriver or phillips drill and bit
  3. ⅜” wrench or socket


Please note, the machines are made with fragile components, including copper cooling lines that should bounce as little as possible. Handle your machine with care.


If any questions or concerns arise during this process, contact your ICES representative as soon as possible for assistance. If you have not already done so, your next step is to read your machine's operating manual in its entirety.