EM20 - 20 Liter Batch Freezer
EM20 - 20 Liter Batch Freezer

EM20 - 20 Liter Batch Freezer

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Our midsized batch freezer, this machine is ideal for medium and large scale production. 20 liters are produced in approximately 10 minutes with an alarm that will notify you when the product is ready. It has a touchscreen display for easy operation. You can adjust the ice cream hardness and the beater speed, which allows for production of a variety of frozen dessert products.

The product is easy to extract and leaves minimal residue inside. The blades of our beaters have a unique helical design, which prolongs the life of both the beater and of the freezing cylinder.


High capacity compressor provides energy efficent cooling

Cylinder with 20 liter capacity of finished product

Touchscreen display for simple operation & product ready in 10 minutes*

Warranty: 2-year all components & 5-year compressor, With lifetime support.


Width 25.7"
Depth 38.6"
Height 52.2"
Weight 579.8lbs

Quantity 1
Power 4 HP
Refrigerant: 404a

Quantity 1
Capacity 5.28gal
Production 5.28gal / 10 mins

Fuse Size 40amp 1 Phase / 30amp 3 Phase
Power Cord 8AWG 1 Phase/ 10AWG 3 Phase
Voltage 220VAC
NEMA Plug L6-50 1 Phase / L15-50 3 Phase

Air or Water

EM20 Spec Sheet


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