Pregel Unicorn Sprint
Pregel Unicorn Sprint

Pregel Unicorn Sprint

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PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredient solutions – the result of intense research, cutting-edge innovation, and old fashioned hard work – begins with fresh, authentic ingredients. With products obtained from reliable and sustainable sources around the world, PreGel commits to uncompromised standards of quality and safety. Limited only by the heights of one’s imagination, PreGel’s ingredients are intended to inspire ongoing culinary creativity.

A complete powdered product that creates a light blue gelato with a delicate vanilla flavor.

  • Pregel Unicorn Sprint#61721
  • Gluten Free & Kosher (Chalavi)
  • Packaging : 10 bags
  • Pound per bag:2.6
  • Kilos per unit:1.2
  • Cost per pound: $6.12
  • Cost per kilo $13.49
  • Case price $161.91

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