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Classic Mix Partners, a subsidiary of Galloway Company, is the largest manufacturer of dairy mixes in Wisconsin and supplies customers throughout the country. The Galloway family has long been involved in ice cream mix manufacturing. In 1933 Ed Galloway was asked to produce a fresh frozen custard formula for the Chicago World’s Fair.

Other mix varieties soon followed. The company developed a soft serve mix after a demand for the frozen dairy dessert began sweeping the nation. Later, John Galloway developed the first shake mix in Wisconsin. The company continued to expand upon and develop more formulas.

Classic Mix Partners was formed as a joint venture of the mix divisions of Galloway Company and Foremost Farms USA in order to enhance value to the companies and their customers. The partnership was highly successful, but when Foremost Farms USA changed its business operation in 2009, Galloway Company purchased Foremost’s interest.

Today, Classic Mix Partners markets more than 60 formulas of dairy and non-dairy dessert mixes and is considered a leader in the dairy dessert business. Classic Mix Partners has a reputation nationally for supplying quick-service restaurants and ice cream shops with custom formulations to match their equipment, processes and customers’ tastes.

Classic Mix Partners

601 S Commercial St
Neenah, WI 54956

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