About ICE Specialists

Ice Cream Equipment Specialists was established in 2018 to cater to the specific needs of entrepreneurs in the frozen dessert industry. The company's founder, Evan Waldt, had previously sold equipment in other ventures and identified a gap in the market for a one-stop solution that provided quality equipment with specialized support, warranties, readily available parts, and industry-specific knowledge. Thus, Ice Cream Equipment Specialists was born.

With a combined total of 15 years in the industry, ICE Specialists can help you achieve any goal in the frozen dessert retail and wholesale market. In a world of big box stores, ICE Specialists uniquely offers competitive prices and convenience backed by a family business mentality, offering educational support, recipe help, connections to suppliers, and expert advice. With our industry knowledge and portfolio of quality brands, we can help you grow at any point in your frozen dessert journey.

Our Values

Sweeten the ice cream - not the facts. 

Our team aims to be clear and transparent across the board, including pricing, machine specs, policies, and so on. Unlike a large retailer, you can trust us to be upfront about the pros and cons of each menu item and piece of equipment.

Expert advice and solutions for all your needs.

Our specialists have been in your shoes before, learning the ins and outs of running a frozen dessert business. We’re here to help you do the same with our expert advice via email or phone. 

Exceptional quality for those who expect the best.

Any investment in your business should be a quality investment, which is why we’re proud to have a portfolio of brands backed with warranties and parts in stock.