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Collection: Green Mountain Flavors

Specializing in “Clean Label” since 1992

Green Mountain Flavors, Inc.® started in 1992, with a goal of supply great-tasting, all-natural flavors and extracts for sale to the food and beverage industry. The demand for natural products at that time was not great, but our company began finding success because customers found that our products tasted more natural. Our key points of differentiation from other flavor suppliers include:

  • Superior Flavor Profiles - Our flavors are known for being some of the best-tasting available. They do not have the artificial tastes that accompany many flavors that are widely used within the frozen dessert industry. Your customers do not have to settle for second best.
  • NaturalUnlike most flavors sold into the frozen dessert industry, our products are natural. The desire for natural flavors is growing significantly among frozen dessert manufacturers, and a large number of new shop owners make sourcing natural flavors and colors a priority.
  • Free From Unwanted Additives Many “natural” flavors sold by our competitors also contain additives that are not natural, such as propylene glycol (a petroleum derivative), artificial FD&C colors, artificial preservatives (such as sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate), polysorbate 80, and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Our frozen dessert flavors do not contain any of these additives.
  • Wide Variety Our line includes a number of novel flavors that are not offered by most flavor manufacturers or distributors selling into the frozen dessert industry.
  • Low Minimums At a time when many flavor suppliers and distributors require minimum orders of $350.00 or $500.00, we have very low minimum order quantities.
  • ServiceWe have developed about 125 starting-point recipes for hard ice cream, plus numerous starting-point recipes for soft serve, sorbets, sherbets and Italian ice. And, we will work with you to help ensure that you know all that is needed to successfully use our flavors, extracts and colors.
  • Kosher All of our ice cream flavors and colors are certified Kosher.

The following documents will help you to become more familiar with our products and their use in frozen desserts:

  • Product List - This lists our most commonly-sold flavors, extracts and colors sold into the frozen dessert industry. It also provides information on the kosher status, major allergens contained (if any) and weight per gallon of each product.
  • GMF Colors From Natural Sources - This lists our colors from natural sources, as well as starting-point usage levels for a number of different frozen dessert flavors. Note that we do not add colors to our flavors. Therefore, if you want your product to have color, you will need to add it separately versus getting it from the flavor. Not adding colors to our flavors gives you the flexibility: of having your finished product uncolored if you prefer; of controlling the intensity of any added colors; and, of choosing either artificial or natural colors.
  • Standard Price List - This contains FOB pricing for our most commonly-sold flavors, extracts and colors sold into the frozen dessert industry. Shipping costs via UPS Ground are additional.
  • Ice Cream, Soft Serve, Italian Ice, Sorbet, and Sherbet Starting-Point Recipes - This lists a number of starting-point recipes we can provide you for finished hard ice cream products, sorbets, sherbets, Italian ices and soft serve. Our soft serve starting-point recipes using 5% fat mix are listed on the third page of this document, while our Italian ice recipes are listed on the fourth page. We also have soft serve starting-point recipes using 10% fat mix.
  • Ice Cream Usage Level Handout - This lists flavor starting-point usage levels for 14% fat hard ice cream and 5% fat soft-serve. This document is particularly helpful when working with flavors for which we don’t have a complete starting-point recipe.
  • Why Weigh Your Flavors? – We strongly recommend that you weigh the flavors and extracts that you add to frozen dessert recipes rather than adding them on a volume basis, and this document explains why. It also provides information on the type of scale and addition methodology we recommend.
  • Specification Sheet for IceBracer™ 100 Stabilizer Blend This natural stabilizer blend helps control ice crystal size and provide shelf life stability to Italian ices, sherbets and sorbets.
  • Soft Serve Starting-Point Recipes Lemon and Soft Serve Starting-Point Recipes Butter Pecan- see how our soft serve starting-point recipes are constructed.
  • Three Italian Ice Starting-Point Recipes - Pineapple and Pineapple with Fruit and Pineapple Puree To give you a feel for the typical composition of our Italian ice starting-point recipes, I have attached copies of our three starting-point recipes for Pineapple Italian Ice, one with no fruit added, one with fruit puree added prior to freezing the product, and one with fruit pieces added post-draw.
Contact Information:
Green Mountain Flavors, Inc.
442 Treasure Drive
Oswego, Illinois 60543
Phone: 630-554-9530