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T30HSP - Single Door Ice Cream Hardening Cabinet

T30HSP - Single Door Ice Cream Hardening Cabinet

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Quality, performance and reliablility and the design of the Global hardening cabinets have set the industry standard for use in hardening cabinet applications.

The hardening cabinets are available in single door or quad door design. Three of the hardening cabinets temperature range is from 0F - -30F and the other cabinet is 0F- -40F.


• Single & Quad Door Models

• 20 gauge steel interior/exterior with white powder coat paint

• Solid foamed insulated doors with heated perimeters and mullion(s)

• Patented Kelvinator refrigeration design guarantees consistent temperature

• Digital Temperature Controller with programmable defrost options and LED display

• Expansion valve provides a quick pull-down and decreases compressor run time

• The auto switch turns off fans when the door opened eliminating frost/icing issues

• Fin coil and forced air evaporator coil improve performance of the unit

• Heated drain pan dissipates condensation, no plumbing required

• Auto door switch turns off fans if the door opens eliminating frost & icing issues


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