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Ataforma Picochurro Aligner 44 cavities

Ataforma Picochurro Aligner 44 cavities

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Authentic Ataforma STICK ALIGNER / ALINEADOR DE PALITOS *22/44 cavities

Mold and stick extractor are not included. Please call or email for the best shipping price. Commercial shipping must be quoted via email. Contact us at or (775) 283-8274.

WHO CREATES, RE-CREATES. With a functionality recognized all over the world, the revolutionary extractor with a differentiated standard of lever adjustment was a product developed by Ataforma 25 years ago ®. It was designed to fasten and release popsicle sticks.

As the ice cream sector innovates relatively often, Ataforma also invests in practicality. After criterion studies, important modifications were carried out in the extractor, bringing about what we denominate a “universal” extractor, which is suitable to flat sticks (6, 9, 10, 13, 14 mm), including the traditional propeller stick. In this way, the new tool unifies into one product the functions of either extractor for different stick standards.

Ref. Alineador Cav. Cost USD
302 tubes/tubos 18 137
303 Catarina Lisa & Helicoidal 18 255
306 Universal 26 175
305 Universal 28 153
501 Cone holder for moreninha/
soporte para extractor moreninha
12 53

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