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Ataforma Stick Aligner 14/28 Cavities

Ataforma Stick Aligner 14/28 Cavities

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Authentic Ataforma Stick Aligner / Alineador de Palitos 14/28 Cavities

Sold separately from mold and stick aligner. To get the best shipping rate, contact us via email at or by phone at (775) 283-8274 for a commercial shipping quote.

Constructed from aluminum, the Ataforma stick aligner precisely positions and elevates sticks to ensure they are properly fixed by the stick holder/extractor. Each aligner is double-sided, meaning that a single device can simultaneously align sticks for two holders. As a result, Ataforma aligners have: 

  • 28 tubes
  • 36 tubes
  • 36 tubes, special for use with the molds Catarina Lisa and Catarina Helicoid
  • 44 tubes
  • 52 tubes
  • 52 tubes special for helix sticks
  • 56 tubes
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