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Top Churn V2 Dual Pots

Top Churn V2 Dual Pots

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Top Churn V2 Dual Pot

Core Functions
  • Displayable making of fresh ice cream at the front counter bar area
  • Dynamic frozen storage with a continuous churning program
  • Direct serving of freshly made ice cream
Standard Configurations
  • Intelligent touch-screen control system
  • Sophisticated parameter settings for ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, granita/slush 
  • Dual control modes for professionals and shop operators (pro mode/ auto mode)
  • Anti-condensate 304 countertop 
  • Anti-fog high transparent protective lids
  • Enhanced display with built-in LED spotlights in each pot 
  • Self-adaptive anti-frozen scraper 
  • Heat imperceptible ventilation system
  • Enclosed self-adaptive ventilation management system 
  • Easy cleaning and drainage
  • German SECOP Compressor
  • Dual independent refrigeration and motor system
  • R290 Environmental friendly refrigeration system
  • Safety switch on lid for start-stop of the blades
  • Speed adjustable high-power blade
  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor system
  • Low power storage and night mode
    Optional Configurations
    • Built-in spatular
    • Protective glass
    • Customizable exterior graphic
    • Accessory kit for cart
    • Anti-fog and condensation system
      Tech Specifications
      • Height: 34.7 in
      • Width: 28.4 in
      • Depth: 27.6 in
      • Weight: 330.0 lbs
      • Cylinder capacity: 3/4 gallon /3L
      • Power supply: 110-120V 1phase
      • Element wattage: 1800 W
      • Amp service required: 20
      • Cooling type: air
      • Outlet receptacle requirements: NEMA 5-15P

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